onsdag 18 april 2012


Hi! Welcome to my site about WoW's rare spawns. I will tell you information that needs to find that Rare. Let's start with Aeonaxx! Aeonaxx is a Rare spawn in Deepholm (82+). He drops the Epic mount Phosporhent Stonedrake. If you want to camp he you'll need time and some luck. Also, While you camp for Aeonaxx you might meet these two rare spawns Xariona and Blood-Seeker. Xariona is a ?? level dragonkin flying over The Temple of Earth. Not soloable. Blood-Seeker is a Bat, level 81 Flying at Quartsize Basin. Blood-Seeker shares Spawn Time with Aeonaxx, so if you find Blood-Seeker you might have luck about Aeonaxx 6-12 hours later. Aeonaxx's Health is 774K so might take a time for low levels. When you find Aeonaxx: Target he and get to e fast. When you get to he you'll be able to jump on hes back and Start Dps. After a time Aeonaxx will summon whelps, ignore them if you know you can. When es Health reach 0 He will die and fall down. You'll fall, but with a Parachute. What you need ( to make it easy ): Npc_Scan & Npc_Scan Overlay. Npc_Scan: Pops up a box when you find a Rare. Screen will Pulse red and a Horn sound will go on. Note that If you're in combat while a Rare appear the Box will only show when you're out of Combat. You can easy Press on the Box to target your rare. Npc_Scan Overlay: Marks the Rare Spawn places at your mini Map. Good Luck with your search ;)

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